Perfect Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids

Looking for ways to ask your Best Friends to be your Bridesmaids, but aren’t sure how. Make it a special moment for those women in your life whom you have grown near and dear to. What a better way to get your bridesmaids excited about being your new right hand then to have your own little Best Friend mini proposals.

1.) Mini Piñata : What better way to pop the questions with these mini piñatas. Not only will they bring back great childhood memories, but they are filled with cute jewelry and gifts any girl would love.


2.) DIY Custom Box: Fill your box with close to your heart knick knacks that will remind your bridesmaids how much you love them. Visit a local jewelry store and add a special pair of earrings that can also be used on your wedding day. With a small picture frame filled with a throw back from 7th grade this box will be sure to bring a smile to her face.


3.) Custom Wine Labels: No now knows your girls better then you do! Grab her favorite bottle of wine with your custom label attached for her surprise.


4.) Funny Will You Be My Bridesmaids Cards: Bring out that sense of humor that your wedding party would expect from you. No better way to be yourself and show your personality then with a Funny card only your girls can appreciate! So don’t ask her to be in the wedding just tell her already.


5.) DIY Cloth Handkerchief with Custom Name Hanger: Love a good DIY project? Here is a great idea to help create a special gift made with love that will last for ages. Not only can will she be able to use this now, but have your ladies of the night hang their dresses up on the day of to create a great picture as well.


be my 9

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Photos via: esty:calligraphycult,, etsy:thenoblepig  etsy:invitesbythisandthat,

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