Creative Ideas to Serve Alcohol

Your Wedding Day is approaching and you want to make sure your guests are not only comfortable, but have a great time as well. Most guests will agree that the food and drink are the MOST important part of an successful reception. If you are able to purchase your own liquor at the venue this will save on the budget and let you return any unopened bottles. Now that you have the Alcohol here are some fantastic and creative ways to ensure your guest will enjoy the drink service. 

  1. Traveling Cocktail Cart: Fill a cart up with beverages to have wheeled around at your wedding. Make sure to include something for everyone from beer, water, and of course minis. Your guest will enjoy the first class service while mingling throughout the night.
cocktail cart

via:The Knot

2. Rustic Wedding Reception/Cocktail Hour.…Refurbish a couple of wheel barrels with spray paint to accent your wedding colors and fill with beverages. Great way to serve drinks and have a garden tool for the house later!


3. Whiskey Bar: Not for the faint of heart of course. If your new husband is a Whiskey connoisseur he will enjoy the variety of Whiskeys to sample during the festivities. Create a budget friendly table filled with glasses and a selection of Whiskey options. Just make sure to remind (those guests) that a little goes a long way.



4. Drink Pairings: What better way to serve your guests than a great drink option paired with a appetizer selection as well. This is a great way to show off those appetizers you and your groom decided on at the reception. Make sure to make the drinks minis as the food options are appetizers not meals.



5.Custom Beer Labels: Add some fun to your wedding by creating your own custom beer labels. A great way to not only serve your guest,but to have a memorable keepsake as well. Do not feel limited to beer bottle labels only by adding custom wine labels for those wine drinkers at your reception.



6. Water Cooler Cocktails: Refurbish those water coolers you have laying around by using them for your reception. Make a pre-made signature cocktail that your guests can enjoy at there own time. Perfect way to introduce your signature drink and keep your budget down as well.


via: biz bash

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