Fantastic Ways to Use Succulents

Succulents are everywhere now and a great option to use in your wedding festivities. They are seen as organic , clean, and very beautiful as a stand alone flower.There are so many ways they can be incorporated into your wedding events from party favors to floral arrangements and hair accessories. The best thing about using succulents is they can be planted later in many climates and are a great reminder of the amazing festivities filled with family and friends. Check out some great ways to incorporate the succulent into your next event!

  1. Wedding Favors: Great inexpensive gift you can label and provide to all the guests without breaking the bank. Choose from a variety of vases and pots to create a more unique feel for your wedding.
    bridal shower 1


    2.) Bridal Bouquet: Using succulents can give your bridal bouquet a luscious natural feel without taking away from the other flowers being used. A great substitution for other greenery that may be too dramatic and overbearing in your bouquet. 

    succulents 1


    3.) Table arrangement: Not only can you have a beautiful centerpiece with a variety of flowers but succulents can add a organic clean feel that your table may need. With hints of gold or silver each place setting will be elegant and classy.


    4.) Hair accessories: With a touch of natural goddess you cant go wrong with a succulent in your hair. Use a smaller version with an accent flower for your bridesmaids and or flower girl. With a variety of options you are able to use a succulent with less or more color. 

    succulents 3


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