13 Amazing Bachelorette Party MUST Haves

There is no reason to be afraid to have an amazing bachelorette party! The whole idea is to celebrate your upcoming union with your closets friends and family. Keep in mind the night can still be successful without the “deliveryman” and having your face meet the inside of a trash can. If you are having someone else plan this event make sure to express your concerns and ideas! If your friends and family are as amazing as you know they will be open to planning an memorable event that will have you laughing for all the right reasons. Take a look at the most amazing party must haves for your Bachelorette gathering. 

1.) Crew tank tops


via: thisiswhyimbroke.com

2.) Beer cozies


via: weddingchicks.com

3.) Bride bathing suit


via: weddingchicks.com

4.) Sleep mask


via: Etsy shop: thesleepycottage

5.) Floatable beer pong table


via: homewetbar.com

6.) Cold weather beer gloves


7.) Bedazzled sheer tights


via: etsy shop:dbluedazzled.com

8.) Custom party totes


via:etsy shop: ilulily

9.) Wedding ring shot glass


via: thehouseofbachelorette.com

10:) Stay at the Barbie Suite at the Palms in Vegas


11.) Have a BadA** paintball war


12.) The perfect wine glasses


via: buzzfeed.com

13:) Water bottle


via: magiconcepts.net


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