5 Simple DIY Wedding Desserts

1.) Cherry Bite….Literally it’s just that! Elegant simple and beautiful with a touch of sparkle these cherries are great for any cocktail hour.

cherry dessert

Via: thegardeningcook.com

2.) Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo Parfait for all you chocolate and cheesecake lovers reading this blog. With 6 layers of delicious toppings this easy dessert will be a hit for young and old alike.

Oreo Parafait

Via: thefirstyearblog.com

3.) Macaroon. With a combination of crispy, crunchy and creamy, adding a variety of macaroons for your guests will be easy on your budget. With a variety of colors and design options it is easy to see why Macaroons are a reception go to item.

Macaroons Dessert

Via: ohsweetday.com

4.) Elegant Lace Cupcakes. We can’t get much easier than a batch of cupcakes in 2016! Vintage colors and wrapped in a beautiful lace fabric  these cupcakes have just enough detail for a wedding dessert.

Cupcake Dessert

Via: candycakewedings.com

5.) Sugar Cookies. Cookies are not just for the holidays anymore! Grab your set of themed cookie cut-outs and roll out your dough recipe that your Grandmother gave you for these cookies. Serve with a shot of milk or coffee to feed those late night sugar rushes.

Sugar cookie desert

Via: dreamyweddingideas.com

We hope you enjoyed these 5 simple desserts that can be incorporated into any event large or small. Not only should your guest be having fun, but also enjoying great food and desserts as well. Don’t be afraid to slow down on the dessert budget and create some fun sweets yourself. 

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