Amazing ways to include your pets!

1.) Get a little help from your four-legged friend .

( Have your pet give the introduction to the proposal or surprise her with a little furry note….ring in-tow.)

2.) Give them the Stage on your Save-The-Date cards.

(Don’t be afraid to have your pet be the star of the shoot. No better way to deliver your message and include an important member of your family.)

3.) Use a custom made pet inspired cake-topper for the special day.                        

(Great way to add your pet and have a very intimate keep sake for the next years anniversary with your new hubby and aka.Rover)

4.) Dress your pet up for the special event.                  

(Maybe, you don’t want Rover technically “In”the wedding. Allow your pet to wear a classy outfit to keep them involved.)

5.) Invite them to the ceremony.

(Make sure to have a responsible person take care of your pet and watch over them….i.e….potty breaks and making sure they don’t eat the cake will be important tasks.)

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