The 5 Most Amazing Food Bars

Food bars are becoming more and more popular at weddings and group gatherings. It is a fun and simple way to have your guest pick out what they like and can be easy on your budget as well. Its time to eat up and enjoy!

Taco Bar : Offer a variety of meats such as chicken or beef and add any airy of  shell choices, sides and toppings. (Have your bartender offer a variety or margaritas or Cerveza to compliment your food choice).

taco bar

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Mashed Potato Bar: WHAT??? yes ! it is real people. Honestly, you could never go wrong with this yummy bar option. Make sure to give your guests a variety of toppings and options such as shrimp, bacon, and chives to add a little more dazzle to those spuds. (use a glass as the tray to hold your creation instead of the regular plate)

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Pasta Bar: Al Dente’ Please! With a pasta bar you are able to keep your guest full throughout the night, but also offer up a family meal. Not only will this idea be a great hit for your family and friends but those little guests will enjoy the pasta choices as well. (Don’t be afraid to use seafood and chicken options for an added pasta-filling bonus)

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Grits Bar: Southern Belles you know all about this option. Let your guest explore the vast ideas of adding toppings to some warm comforting grits. (Offer some warm buttery biscuits to scraps up the remains your spoon left behind)

grits bar

Popcorn Bar: Great way to offer a snack and easy enough to maintain throughout the night. From Classic butter to Carmel covered corn the only thing missing will be the movie!( Personalize gift bags for guest to scoop a bag for homepopcorn bar

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No matter what the occasion is a food bar will have your guest wanting more. Remember to give options as this could ultimately save money in your budget and keep all guests from young to old satisfied!

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