12 of the BEST NON WHITE wedding dresses

These brides definitely look stunning and weren’t afraid to show some personality. Time to think outside the box and leave the traditional your mother said you have to wear white/ivory at the door! Not a problem anymore, because here are 12 of the best non white wedding dresses any bride would love.  Time to be elegant in florals  or make a statement in ombre. Take a peek and see what sparks your interest and imagination on wearing a wedding dress that shows off who you are and what you love from the inside out! acoastalbride(colored)colincowieweddings (colored)deer pearl flowers (colored)greenweddingshoes (colored)polkadotbride (colored)style me pretty (color)stylecaster (colored)coloredstylecaster (colored2)

stylemepretty (colored)theperfectpalette (colored)theweddingscoop (colored)

Listed from the top down in order courtesy of: Acoastalbride.com, colincowieweddings.com, deerpearlflowers.com, Greenweddingshoes.com, polkadotbride.com, stylemepretty.com, style caster.com, (not available), stylecaster.com, stylemepretty.com, theperfectpalette.com, theweddingscoop.com

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