Little Known Ways to Entertain Kids At Your Wedding

If you’re incorporating that 4-year-old flower girl as a part of your special day then why not give her something to do at the reception. I mean she did something for you right, even if it was running down your silk runner with flower petals falling out of the basket.

Check out a few amazingly, fun and exciting activities that will keep those little angels occupied all night long. Hey you might even see some adults joining in on the fun as well!

5) Disposable Camera Scavenger Hunt : Why not add a twist by creating a reception scavenger hunt? Hide some fun trinkets around the reception area that your mini guests can go around to find and take pictures of. Not only are they going on a mini adventure, but they will have fun pictures for mom and dad to print out later.

Scavenger hunt

4.) Lego Building Station: Grab some buckets and Legos and the rest is history! To add some bang for your buck grab some gift bags and have those little engineers take a handful or two home once your event has ended (unless you have plans for those leftover Legos).


Courtesy of: (Sunset Speeder 31017, Forest Animals 31019)

3.) Glow Sticks: The 4th of July is NOT the only time to enjoy some night lights. Create a Glow stick bar with light up, wands, bracelets, necklaces and more. Your dance floor will be rocking with the array of lights those little guys will be running around with. (Check out your nearest dollar tree/family dollar for some great cheap options as most carry these items year round)

Glow sticks

  Image Via Etsy

2.) Outdoor Space for Games: Clear a outdoor space to incorporate for kids to enjoy. Fill your area with Hula-hoops, potatoe sacks, bubbles and more! Make sure to have enough space for those little ones to run and jump as you don’t want any pile ups. You might be surprised whose hips you see swinging and jumping through out the night.


1.) Arts N’ Crafts: Hire a sitter or two to engage the kids in arts and crafts for the night. This will give your guests that are parents the time to relax and enjoy knowing there’s a responsible sitters around. Even set up a Disney movie for those tired ones who would rather sit it out. Use a babysitting site such as to get the perfect sitters for the night who will be experinced with multiple children and age groups. Even the parents will be thanking you at the end of the night!

arts and crafts               art2

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