4 Honeymoon Registry Sites We Love

Are you ready to experiences places instead of another toaster oven ( I mean seriously grandma!!)?  Forget that old Sears registry and grab your maps because it is time to travel the world and experience being a newlywed without the added price tag.

1.) Honeymoonpixie.com allows you to register by following 4 simple steps to get your guests to leave a monetary value to be redeemed for your honeymoon. No setup fees, no “upgrade fees”, your custom registry is completely free. Top rated from Wedding Wire 4 years in a row honeymoonpixie.com offers a wide variety of options from France to Las Vegas.

Francelas vegas

2.) As seen on Shark Tank Honeyfund.com is rated one of the best online registries today! With a variety of packages this site will allow your guests the flexibility to leave a monetary value starting from a Down Payment Fund to Home Improvements. YES, that’s right Honeyfund.com  will have YOU and your HOME covered. Featured in TIME and BRIDES Magazine Honeyfund.com has it all.

down paymenthome improvements

3.) Travelersjoy.com is an official honeymoon registry partner of WeddingWire and The Knot. This site allows the freedom to choose where, when, and how you will arrange your travel. Travelersjoy.com is flexible and easy to use with a gift-image library and google maps integration your custom site will be easy to navigate and access. With over 15 destinations to choose from your options for a dream honeymoon are endless. So grab your man and relax while enjoying stunning views and some historic sites courtesy of your amazing family and friends.

africahistoric sites

4.) Okay,Okay, so you’re not 100% sure where and when you would like to travel? Or maybe a little more time is needed to discuss while your wedding date is approaching. No problem, go ahead and tactfully request those dollar bills by adding information on your wedding invitations . (i.e “cash is appreciated” or “feel free to send a money gift”). Still not sure about the honeymoon or the invitations have already been sealed and delivered! Not a problem go ahead and grab that “money jar” and start collecting because every little bit counts.

moneyhoneymoon fund

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get discovering as we would love to hear what site worked best for your event. Leave us a comment or LikeUs on Facebook about your upcoming honeymoon registry plans.

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