What No One Tells You About the Rehearsal Dinner

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Thinking of the rehearsal dinner as a part of the wedding, instead think of it as a time to do something fresh and unexpected. Relax and let your hair down as most likely you will be entertained by your closest family and relatives. With very little effort you can assemble a rehearsal dinner that provides a much-needed calm before the big event.


Make it Personal: Add some personal and creative touches by Sharing your love story with your guest, why not let them envy your love story. Host the event in a space that mimics where you met or had your first date.

Time for Fun and Games: Break the ice with those family members you haven’t seen in a while or don’t know with a Scavenger hunt. Incorporate fun facts and exciting details to keep your guest interacting and laughing at the same time.

It’s About the Main Man: Dedicate the rehearsal dinner to the Man of your dreams I mean the wedding IS 99.9% bride picks (let’s be real ladies). Host your event at a place that pays homage to your love such as his local Golf spot or incorporate a beer tasting for your guests with a few of his favorites.

beer tasting

Honor both Backgrounds: Who says you can’t incorporate yours as well as your mans heritage at the rehearsal dinner. Add some traditional music from both cultures or invite a belly dancer to show how you really get down.

 Make your dinner memorable with laughter, fun, food and sharing your love for one another. Suit and tie not required so break out of the traditional rehearsal dinner and grab that Crab bib!

4 thoughts on “What No One Tells You About the Rehearsal Dinner

    1. Congratulations!! Just enough time to really nail down those details for your man. Dont be afraid to think outside the box it’s a time to enjoy and show your guests what he enjoys as well. We really appreciate you checking out our Blog and please leave us your comments and questions anytime as we are happy to share our fun ideas with you!


  1. Absolutely! Weddings and receptions have been breaking out of the “traditional” mold so why not start with the rehearsal dinner? It will be a HUGE ice breaker and really get people to mingle about without being forced. You are building a TEAM uniting families so start by relieving the stress with some games and laughter. Thank you so much for your comment as we love knowing our readers are enjoying our Blog posts. Check back soon as we will have some more fun and exciting ways to host your next party and/or event!


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