Keep Cool at Your (Outdoor) Summer Wedding

As the summer closes, we thought we would share some of the things we have learned this summer about keeping cool at outdoor events.  Obviously the best solution is to stay inside but for some people, this isn’t an option.  I mean why get married in a beautiful place like South Florida if you aren’t going to enjoy your surroundings?  We get it, but we still want you and all of your guests to enjoy themselves, so that’s why we put together this helpful list, of ways to keep cool at your outdoor summer wedding.

Drink Station

1. Make sure plenty of cool drinks are available to your guests. A water station will go a long way towards keeping people cool and it is necessary to stay hydrated. 

Take it up a notch: Add iced tea and lemonade.

2. Shade – This is a must. If your wedding is taking place in the hottest months of the year in one of the hottest states in the U.S. you have to keep people out of the glaring sun. This is a really good way to end up with sunburns, irritated guests, and even worse, fainting! You do NOT want to have anyone passing out as you are walking down the aisle!

3. Keep air circulating. This can be done through overhead fans, drum fans, or even fan programs.  

Take it up a notch: Hand out portable misting fans.

Fan Program

4. Make sure your guests know that at least part of the wedding will take place outdoors so they will know to check the weather and be dressed appropriately. Men may opt to wear a button-down shirt and dress pants instead of a full wool suit. And those who may be unable to handle the heat due to illness, old age, or young age may want to skip the outdoor parts altogether. This may be disappointing, but keeping everyone happy and healthy is the main priority here.

5. Take it up 2 notches: A surefire way to keep everyone cool is to offer chilled towels upon their arrival. This is a gesture for a luxurious wedding and it will definitely be appreciated.

Here are an additional few things to keep in mind if you are having an outdoor wedding, whether it be during the summer, fall, winter, or spring! 

If your wedding is on grass make sure your guests know. Make a note of it on your wedding website and in your wedding welcome bags.  Ask your close friends and family to spread the word.  This is important because as you know, heels on grass can be a struggle, especially when wearing stilettos.  If they know, your guests will have the option of deciding to wear wedges or flats to keep from sinking into the ground all the way up and down your ceremony space.

Take it up a notch: Have a tray with an assortment of Solemates handy for those guests that show up wearing stilettos anyway.


Bugs:  If you are in South Florida there will be bugs present all year round.  Keep your guests comfortable by having a couple of bug spray bottles handy.



If you are having an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer, especially in a hot place like South Florida, it is necessary to have a heat plan just as you would a rain plan.  If you have planned on getting married outside this can be disappointing, but in the case of exceptional heat, it may be time to admit defeat.

So now you’re all set for your outdoor wedding!  What additional tips do you have to keep cool in hot weather? 

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