Do-It-Yourself Burlap Banner

Surf's Up Party 7

This sign is an adorable way to add some personalized charm to any event.  We recently made one for a Surf’s Up themed birthday party, and we wanted to show all of you how to make one as well!  Here are some step-by-step instructions, supplies you will need, as well as tips.


  • Precut Burlap Strips with String
  • Clear-Drying Glue
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Foam Sheets in Different Colors (We picked black, orange, and yellow)
  • Stencils
  • Starfish (Optional)


DIY Burlap Sign

Step 1: Start by laying out your stenciled letters on the foam for the top layer of your letter.  This will be the predominantly visible color.  Trace the letters with a pen.  Even though you may not be able to see the pen on black foam it will still make an indent.

DIY Burlap Sign 5

Try to line up your letters in a way that conserves space and saves time cutting.

DIY Burlap Sign 6

Step 2: Carefully cut each letter out using your X-Acto knife.  Make sure you are using a surface that can be scratched up underneath the foam.  We used a cardboard box.

DIY Burlap Sign 7

DIY Burlap Sign 10

Step 3: Once all of your letters are cut out it’s time to start the next layer.  Unless you have stencils that are designed to stack within each other you will probably have to free-draw.  Use the letter you had previously cut out and space it as wide as you want your layers to go.  I kept each letter lined up as I drew the rest to help keep the width consistent.

DIY Burlap Sign 14

If you are using a third layer of foam use the second layer as your stencil.

DIY Burlap Sign 16

Step 4: When you have all of your layers cut out you can start gluing them together.  Put a line of glue through the middle of the letter and apply it to the next layer until they are all stacked!

DIY Burlap Sign 29

Ta-Da!  But you’re not done yet…

DIY Burlap Sign 30

Step 5:  As soon as the glue is dry use the same method to attach the letters to the burlap strips.

DIY Burlap Sign 31

Carefully pat each letter to make sure it is firmly attached.

DIY Burlap Sign 32

DIY Burlap Sign 36

Step 6: Now it’s time to start lining up the pieces the way you want them.  We decided to split the sign up into 2 layers.

DIY Burlap Sign 18

Step 7: Apply a line of glue to the back of each piece and press the string firmly into it.

DIY Burlap Sign 20

And voila!  You are finished!

DIY Burlap Sign 37


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