Benefits of Hiring a Day-of-Coordinator

When most people think of a wedding planner, they imagine someone who takes over the wedding planning from start to finish.  They will write it off as a luxury they can’t afford, or be too excited at the prospect of planning their wedding themselves to consider it.  But most wedding planners also offer a separate service, the Day-of-Coordinator service.  This is a service that even actual wedding planners use when they plan their own wedding and here’s why…

Morning Of

Picture your wedding day, more specifically, your wedding morning:  You’re relaxing in your hotel room, in a robe, surrounded by your family and bridesmaids, drinking mimosas.  Sounds perfect doesn’t it?  Being able to spend your entire wedding day relaxing and stress-free while the wedding preparations go on without you is just one of the reasons why it’s important to hire a Day-of-Coordinator.  Here are a few more:

They act as your point person:

Set Up

Remember all those vendors you’ve spent months collaborating with?  Well the wedding day is where it all comes to a head.  Sure you’ve hired a wonderful group of qualified, professional, people, but even the most experienced group of vendors are going to run into some problems with timing, technical glitches, and the interpretation of your vision.  And on the day of your wedding you don’t want them to be calling you with questions or running up to you in the middle of your reception.  A Day-of-Coordinator handles all of that for you so you don’t even know that it happened at all.

They create and adjust your Schedule of Events:

There are a lot of different factors going into your wedding.  You need to figure out what time each vendor will be arriving, how long they need to set up, where you and the rest of the wedding party will be at various points of the day before the wedding, and that’s all before the wedding even starts!  A well-scheduled wedding is a wedding that runs smoothly, and a good Day-of-Coordinator will work with you to have your wedding scheduled down to the last minute.  Of course, there is flexibility built into the schedule as well.

They set up your decorations:

Wine corks

Remember those escort cards you ordered from Etsy?  The ones that fit so perfectly into your vineyard-themed wedding?  Someone is going to have to set those up, not to mention your DIY centerpieces, and the programs you want set on each chair just so.  But who’s going to be doing it?  Well you can do it yourself, but that just threw your stress-free morning drinking mimosas right out the window.  You can send a friend to do it, but that’s putting a lot of pressure on someone who would probably rather be enjoying themselves with you.   If you’ve hired a Day-of-Coordinator, that’s part of their job and one less thing for you to worry about!

They run your wedding:

Whose job is it to wrangle your wedding party?  To get them all set up and ready to walk down the aisle at the right time, in the right order, and to keep your adorable flower girls from dumping their entire basket out before they even walk through the doors?  Although most of your wedding party are adults, when it comes to weddings, most are clueless.  A Day-of-Coordinator will deliver everyone down the aisle in the correct places and will even run your rehearsal the previous day as well!

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