Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

When you are contemplating your gifts for your bridesmaids, the most important thing to take into consideration is the individual personality of each bridesmaid.  You may think that you need to find a gift that is the same for everyone, but you don’t!  In fact the best gifts are usually ones that you have picked out with each woman in mind.

Here are some of The Classics and the reasons why they are so popular:


  • Jewelry – Jewelry is by far the most popular bridesmaid gift choice.  The reasons are obvious: most women love jewelry and it is easy to find in all price points and designs.  Shop at Stella and Dot for tons of cute options to fit each bridesmaid’s unique style!
  • Tote bags – Instead of wrapping paper, use a tote bag as both the packaging and part of the gift itself!  If one of your bridesmaids is super preppy get her a tote bag with her initials monogrammed on it and if some are still in school then get them bags they can take to class.  Fill the tote bags with some smaller gifts, nice lotions, a candle, maybe even a small piece of jewelry.
  • Robes – Silk robes make for some amazing getting ready photos and bridesmaids love them!  Get each woman a robe in her favorite color, or use the wedding colors.  Don’t forget to pick up one for yourself in white!

For brides that want to branch away from the classics there are still plenty of gift options available:

Gift 2

  • Gifts that fit with the theme of your wedding – If you are having a country wedding (and you have the budget) get your girls their own pair of cowboy boots.  If you’re having a beach wedding, get them cover ups, or a beach survival tote with flip-flops, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  Maybe you are getting married in a garden, so get each girl their favorite kind of potted plant.
  • Unconventional ideas – Concert tickets, Ballet flats for them to slip into at the reception, Relaxation kit for after the wedding, Gift card for a massage or manicure (That they don’t have to use on your wedding day!).  Shop for your bridesmaids as if it’s their birthday and you can’t go wrong!

Some Do’s and Don’ts:

Gift 3

Don’t – Get them anything with your wedding date emblazoned boldly across it as their main gift.  As much as they love you, they probably won’t want to wear a heart-shaped necklace with “Bobby and Sarah 09/09/09” on it.

Don’t – Get them anything with the word “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor” emblazoned boldly across it as their main gift.  They might be able to wear or use it again after the wedding, but most likely they won’t.

Do – Check out their Pinterest pages for inspiration.  Get your Maid of Honor those earrings she pinned and a gift card for your junior bridesmaid to that clothing store she follows!

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