Why You Should Include Lighting At Your Event

Proper lighting is regularly one of the last things to be determined when planning an event, and all too often it is overlooked completely. But forgetting about lighting when you plan an event is a mistake, because it is one of the most important parts of the night. Here are a couple of reasons why you should write lighting into your event’s budget:

It sets the mood:

Lighting 1

There’s a big difference between walking into a room that is bright and full of fluorescent lights, and one that is gently washed in warm tones. Instead of being alert and on edge, your guests will feel at home, relaxed, and will know that it’s time to have fun!

It gets your color scheme across:

Lighting 2

If you find yourself picking purple as the color for every centerpiece, tablecloth, charger, and chair cover, maybe you should try using lighting instead. Soft purple uplighting will make a bold, yet subtle statement with little effort, leaving you free to use neutrals with the rest of your décor.

It completes your event:

Lighting 3

Don’t leave your event feeling unfinished! If you have spent a lot of time and money picking out the menu, the décor, and the rest of your guest list, it would be a shame not to take one last step to truly pull it all together. Even if you are operating on a strict budget, lighting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a big difference!

So what are the different types of lighting that you could use at an event?

Lighting 4


Uplighting is the use of lights around the perimeter of the room in the color of your choice. You can use just a few in order to add subtle accents around the room, or you can use a lot in order to completely wash the room in a specific tone.


When you use pinspotting, lights are hung from the ceiling and focused on the parts of the room that you would like to draw attention to. Usually they are focused on the centerpieces at each table, but you can use them more sparingly if there is just one or two aspects of the event that are the most important.


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