Fun Things to do with Your Extra Wedding Invitations

When you order your wedding invitations, make sure you order extra. This is for practical reasons, in case a couple get lost in the mail or you accidentally spill some calligraphy ink on one, but if you have any left over after they have all reached their destination don’t throw them out! There are tons of things you can do with your extra wedding invitations! Here are a couple:

Invite a Celeb:

Invitation 1

While these people will undoubtably not show up (unless you know them personally) you may get a response from them. Both the president and Mickey Mouse at Disneyworld have been known to send RSVPs back along with a message. But why stop there? Send invites to some of your favorite celebrities or athletes! Who knows, maybe you’ll get a free autograph!

Get Crafty:

Invitation 2

Why let your extra invitations go to waste when you can recycle them into another piece of wedding décor? If your invitations have a picture of you two on the back, you can paste a piece of cardstock on the front to use as table numbers. Of course, for this approach you will need to make sure you have enough extras for all of your tables.   And there are many other ways to upcycle your extra invites, such as a background for a collage or in your guest book!


Invitation 3

Even if you don’t use any of these other ideas, make sure you bring one extra invitation to the wedding for your photographer to take pictures of. Maybe you can even bring along a save the date and some of your other extra stationary. Your photographer can pose them with the wedding bands and other pieces of décor. Then, when the wedding is over and you are happily married, take the time to frame these extra pieces of stationary as a keepsake.

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