Themes for Corporate Events

Coming up with a theme for your corporate event can be overwhelming.  You don’t want it to be too subtle, but you want to keep it classy, and as un-reminiscent of a child’s birthday party as possible.  There’s definitely a happy medium, and depending on the event, that happy medium can change.  Here are a few themes that can be played either up or down, depending on how over-the-top you want your event to feel.



Roll out the red carpet, because this event is all about making your guests feel like celebrities.  The attire is black tie, and the décor is flawless.  Black, white, and gold color scheme, with poker tables set up to the side.  Waiters and waitresses carry trays of drinks and hors d’oeuvres.   If you would really like to go all out with this theme, hire photographers to snap guest’s pictures and acrobats to perform onstage.


Under the Sea:

Under the Sea

The lighting is the key to making this event feel as if it is underwater.  Serve seafood for appetizers and entrées (make sure you have options for people who don’t eat seafood as well) and decorate with plenty of seashells.  As for the music, keep it calming and relaxed.

Around the World:

Around the world

Set up food stations with food from around the world and decorate each station with coordinating décor.  This theme would work well for a cocktail, standing event, where guests can mingle and walk around the room sampling different types of food.  For this theme to work you can’t go halfway, the décor is what will really sell it.  Make sure you include all 7 continents!  Well, besides Antarctica.


Organic Meal

This theme is perfect for any health conscious or eco-friendly company.  Use ferns and moss as your centerpieces, with pops of yellow, orange, and pink.  Find a caterer that specializes in local, organic food to customize a gourmet meal for your guests.  To really pull it together pick an outdoor courtyard for your venue, with strings of light overhead.



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