How to Use Some of 2014’s Top Event Trends Without Overdoing Them

Here at Taylor-Made Events, we love trends!  Trends tell us what is popular and fun at the moment.  Some of them stick around for a few years and others fade out almost as soon as you’re aware of them.  So if you have a trend that you love, how can you use it in your event while still keeping it timeless and tasteful?  It’s easy, the trick is moderation.  Here are a few examples of some of 2014’s top trends and the best way to use them in your event:


Ombre CenterpieceOmbre Dessert

Ombre is the gradient of one color into another, usually white.  It’s a trend that can be done subtly, or boldly. If you stick to small touches, such as ombre desserts and stationary, then you can use it in several places tastefully. If you go with a flashier ombre, say in your centerpieces or your linens, then you should let that be the focus, and stay away from ombre for the rest of the event.

Mason Jars:

Mason Jar

Mason Jars are a good example of a trend that has been around for a few years.  It’s also a good example of a trend that is commonly overused.  If you want to use mason jars in your event, stick to just one aspect, if you are wanting to drink out of them, use them for a signature cocktail, not for every drinking glass used throughout the night. And if you want to use them as part of your centerpiece, don’t use them as drinking glasses at all.


Macaron Trends

Yes, macarons are delicious and delightfully adorable, however, this does not give you permission to throw them about your event as if they were confetti.  Use them as favors, OR stack them at your dessert table, OR create a macaron cake.  It may be tempting to have all three, but pick one!

Mercury Glass:

Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass is a trend that is actually hard to overdo, but you should still attempt to use moderation. Sure, you can have your centerpieces and candleholders all in this beautiful finish, but watch out if you find yourself turning to it for every piece of décor.  If all of your vases, centerpieces, votive holders, and dessert trays are mercury glass, you may want to reevaluate.

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