Moms & Mimosas

Good morning everyone and happy second day of spring!

In celebration of the official start to spring we have some exciting news: we are throwing a Mother’s Day brunch on Saturday, May 10, the day before Mother’s Day!  Here at Taylor-Made Events we know that moms are notorious for never taking a break so we have decided to dedicate an event in their honor, to give them the perfect opportunity to do so!

Moms and Mimosas

The name of the brunch is Moms & Mimosas and all attendees should be prepared for a day of relaxation and pampering.  We will be providing manicurists, chair massages, skin care classes, raffles, shopping, and of course brunch!  This is the perfect opportunity for moms to take a day for themselves and to spend time with some other mothers in the area.

If you would like to purchase your ticket for $5.00 you can do so here.  We will have more information coming up soon, including the different vendors that will be in attendance!

2 thoughts on “Moms & Mimosas

  1. Hi, I would like more information on this event. Where is it being held (by where, I mean is it at like a hotel, a restaurant, etc?). What is included in the $5 ticket? That seems awfully cheap if it includes brunch, mimosas, chair massages, etc, lol. Is the number of guests limited?

    1. Hi Sally,

      The event is being held in a section of our building called Kowerk. The ticket is all-inclusive for everything mentioned, unless you decide to do a little shopping as well! We are limited to about 50 guests, so get your ticket soon!

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