A Guide to Going Into Your Engagement Picture Session Worry Free

So you’ve officially booked your photographer and set the date for your engagement picture session. Here’s a guide to going into your session as prepared as you can be!

Engagement Picture 1

Before you go into your session, take some time to figure out what kind of engagement photography appeals to you. Browse Pinterest and create a special board dedicated to the pictures you like. Take note of what you like about each picture. Is it the lighting, the editing, the setting, the pose, or the outfits? When you go into your session take your phone with you to share your ideas with your photographer. They may not be able to recreate every single picture you have found, but it will give them an idea of what you like.

If you are using the same photographer you will be using for the wedding this is a really good time to get to know each other and become more comfortable before your wedding.

Couple holding hands.You may be wondering if you have to create a theme for your photo shoot. If you are up for creating multiple props and you have access to the right setting and outfits, then go for it! But don’t kill yourself trying to create the perfect atmosphere for a ‘Shipwrecked in the 1920’s’ theme.  Your engagement pictures will be just as beautiful, although less likely to go viral.

What to wear – This is where the Pinterest board you created earlier is useful. Take a look at each of the pictures with outfits that you like. Try to figure out what they have in common. Is it a country feel, with lots of blue jeans and cowboy boots? Maybe you like the pictures with more of a preppy vibe, lace, pearls, and polo shirts. Or maybe you are leaning towards retro: big curls, flared skirts, and heels.

  • DON’T wear anything that makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t feel like you.  The point of engagement pictures is to capture the personalities of you and your fiancé, not to try to create new ones.
  • DO coordinate with your fiancé.  Wear complimentary colors and try to match each other’s styles.  For example, if he is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, you may look out of place in a cocktail dress and heels.

Young couple kissing in an old european town square.

Try to avoid any awkward pictures.  A little kissing is fine (and expected) but try to steer clear of taking any pictures you wouldn’t want your grandmother, your entire extended family, and possibly all of your Facebook friends to see.  This is not the time to be making out.  And if you feel the need to make your fiancé pull off his shirt and ride a horse down the beach, realize that it’s going to end up looking a lot less like a spread in Vogue, and a lot more like this: The Most Awkward Engagement Photos of All Time.
It’s pretty safe to say that any tactics used in those engagement photos should be firmly off-limits, and as long as you avoid the use of any of them, your pictures will turn out amazing!




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