Tips for Centerpieces at Your Corporate Event

At a corporate event, your centerpieces shouldn’t be the center of attention, your company should!  Here are a few tips when it comes to choosing the centerpieces at your corporate event.

Make sure your centerpieces don’t divert attention.  Sure, they should draw the eye to them, but as a completion to the overall look and feel of your event, not as a distraction from it.  You want your seated guests to be able to pay attention to the speaker or presentation, not be peering around a mountain of flowers the entire time.  The key words here are graceful, sophisticated, and modest.

Centerpiece 3

Don’t be afraid to stray from floral.  Sure flowers are beautiful, time-tested centerpieces, but they aren’t a necessity at a corporate event and they can be expensive.  Floating candles and petals make a perfectly beautiful and simple centerpiece.  And if your event is taking place in the fall, some candles, gourds, and branches are an elegant alternative as well.

Centerpiece 1

Centerpiece 4

DO go with a theme.  If your event is taking place on the water and the rest of your décor reflects that, why not use a pile of seashells as your centerpiece?  If you are having a fundraiser for a local library, why not incorporate books into your centerpiece?  Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it.

Centerpiece 2

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