Getting Into The Details: Escort cards versus place cards

One of the joys of wedding planning is getting really into all of the little details.  The favors, the wedding programs, and the signature cocktails are all details that go unnoticed at most weddings, so it’s always fun to do something a little out of the ordinary to make the details really POP.

One of my favorite details of a wedding, and one place where there is a ton of room to play around, are the escort or place cards.  So let’s head down into the wonderful world of wedding planning for a few minutes to discuss all of your different options when it comes to escort or place cards.

First, some definitions:

Escort cards are typically placed in the cocktail area, or at the entrance to the reception hall.  Each card will have the name or names of a person, couple, or family on them, as well as a table number.  The person is supposed to take the card with them to help find their assigned table.

Place cards are used in weddings with assigned seats.  Each place card will have the name of an individual person on it, and will be placed in front of a seat in the reception hall.  When your guests walk into the reception, they will find the place card with their name in order to know where to sit.

Naturally, most people would rather just assign tables than to take the time to assign each individual seat, so escort cards tend to be the more popular choice.  Plus, many brides love the chance to customize their escort cards and display in the cocktail hour.

And there are tons of ways to customize your escort cards.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

Combine your escort card and favor in one.  You get to pool your budgets for your escort cards and favors, as well as give yourself one less thing to worry about.  It’s a win-win!  Write the names and table numbers on potted succulents to give your guests an escort card they won’t soon forget!

Succulents 1

Turn your old wine corks into something useful with vineyard themed escort cards.  We just love the touch of sophistication these add to the escort cards and they would make for a lovely display during your cocktail hour.

Wine corks

These wine cork escort card holders are available for purchase over on at the shop KarasVineyardWedding

Alternatively, if you are assigning tables but don’t want to go to the effort of making individual escort cards, another option is to have a seating chart near the front of the reception hall with the names of the guests at each table listed.

Seating Chart 2

Now, if you are having a plated dinner and your guests filled out their meal choice on their RSVP cards, your venue will probably require you to indicate each person’s selection.  This can be done by writing the meal choice below each person’s name on their card, or you can get more creative such as using different colored place cards for each meal selection.

Well now you know the difference between escort cards and place cards, and I hope I got you inspired to try out something unique and new at your wedding!

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