Spring Party Ideas!

We love Spring! And yes, yes, we know it technically doesn’t start for another month, but since the weather down here in South Florida has been so beautiful we just can’t help thinking of all of the spring parties we have coming up!

Here at Taylor-Made Events we like to be prepared, we like to start our planning early, and most of all, we love having a full schedule of parties in front of us! And since we know a lot of you are the same way, we’ve come up with some inspiration for some parties you can throw this spring.

Spring Equinox Party

What better way to kick off the official start to spring than with a party? This year, the spring equinox is on Thursday, March 20, so celebrate by throwing a dinner party for all of your friends. Decorate with tons of flowers, and keep the meal light with plenty of salad and other greens.

Kentucky Derby Party

Big Hat

Even if none of your friends are fans of horse racing, they will be sure to join you for an afternoon filled with mint juleps, chevron, and big hats. Bet on the horses with the funniest names and have a prize ready for the person with the biggest hat!

Picnic Potluck

Bocce Ball
Find your favorite park, call up your friends, and head out for the day! Bring plenty of margaritas, some lawn games (bocce ball anyone?), and whip up that new pasta salad recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Delegate sweets and snacks for a true potluck, then just sit back and relax. It is spring after all!

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