Going Green! A few tips for making your party environmentally friendly

So we know that the official start to spring is still a couple of weeks away, okay maybe a little over a month away, but we’ve never really been that great at waiting.  In honor of spring’s imminent arrival, we’ve written this blog post all about going GREEN!

We have an upcoming post on Spring Party Themes, but this post isn’t about any one theme.  This post contains tips and tricks for making any party you throw just a little more environmentally friendly!

Flower Bud


First Tip:

Send out digital invitations and RSVPs.

You're invited

Although you may think you need traditional invitations written on paper to give your affair a sophisticated edge, nowadays there are tons of ways to send out stylish invitations electronically.  Paperless Post has tons of beautiful invitations that you can customize, many of which are free!


Second Tip:

Use living centerpieces.

What could possibly be more green than buying a baby tree or a pot of hydrangeas to use as your centerpiece and planting it at the end of your event?  Plus, you can save costs by assigning your centerpieces to your gardening budget instead!  Because that’s how it should work, right?

 Flower pot

Third Tip:

When planning your menu, think local!

Hit up farmer’s markets and local bakeries, vineyards, and breweries.  You can support small businesses, as well as save the environment from all the shipping associated with big brands at big stores.  Bonus: fresher, tastier produce!




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