Why YOU Should Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

As a child, there weren’t very many school days that you looked forward to. The best three school days were Halloween, the last day of school, and of course, Valentine’s Day. Your class had a party; you got to bring in a bunch of Valentines with some cool superheroes on them, pass them out, and then go through all of your own (some even had candy!).

As an adult Valentine’s day has many more implications. Either you’re single, and you’re supposed to mope around and be sad about being single, or you’re in a relationship, and you’re supposed to have a bunch of expectations and pressure! And of course, nobody actually feels that way, so here at Taylor-Made Events, where we love any good excuse to throw a party, we say forget about everything you’re supposed to do, take it back to your elementary school days, and throw a party!


You don’t want your party to actually feel like an elementary school party so try to avoid dealing with a color palette of strictly red, pink, and white.  Instead opt for one of these color combinations:

Pink and Grey:

Pink and Grey

Or Red and Black, with a touch of Pink:

Red Black and Pink


Fully bring home the point that this is not the Valentine’s parties of your youth with this drink!

Pretty in Pink


Have everybody bring a box of their favorite valentine’s meant for children, and then vote on whichever one is the best.  Whoever wins gets a prize of a heart-shaped candy box!


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