Keeping DIY Doable

DIY: Do it yourself.  For most brides this is a term that was seldom thought about before you had a ring on your finger.  But once the engagement parties are over and the wedding planning has begun the phrase seems to come up more and more often.   In the age of Pinterest, it’s easy to get carried away by all of the millions of projects you want to accomplish, but taking on a million projects makes it more likely that you will end up in your living room, surrounded by hot glue guns, paper cutters, and feathers the day before your wedding with absolutely nothing done.


Here at Taylor-Made Events we want to help you avoid this fate.  While we are all for DIY we also recommend DIYing responsibly.  Here’s how:

When you see a project that catches your eye, before you set out to accomplish it consider a few things.  What is your intention behind doing the project?  Is it to save money or for fun?  If it’s to save money, then make sure you fully price out your options.  Keep in mind that when you DIY, in addition the cost of supplies, you may also have to purchase some crafting tools (paper cutters are expensive!), and then more supplies when something that you bought didn’t work the way it was supposed to.  Don’t forget to consider the value of your time as well.  It’s pretty much a rule that all DIY projects will take twice as long as you initially think you can do it.


The second thing to consider is whether or not this project is going to overwhelm you. Wedding planning is stressful enough without worrying about finishing up 19 DIY projects as well.  Don’t take on too much at once, and when you do take on a new project, start early.  Start way earlier than you think you need to because you also need to leave room for a back-up plan.

Failure is always an option when it comes to DIY, so it is best to consider what you will do if your plans don’t work out the way you envision them.  Maybe the origami cranes you imagined as favors come out looking more like a weird mix of camel and duck and that’s if you’re squinting.  No worries, your guests will live to see another day without favors!  But what if your handmade invitations come out of the printer too smudged to read and your invitations go out tomorrow?  When you’re dealing with something important, like invitations or your wedding cake, make sure you leave enough time to go a different route if need be.


Last but not least, think long and hard before taking on any project that requires you to complete it within a week of two of the wedding.  Think EXTRA long and hard if that project is food or flowers which need to be done within a day of the wedding or on your wedding day itself!  Some DIY projects are simply impossible, no matter how capable you may be, and spending hours creating bridesmaids bouquets on the morning of your wedding is not what you want to be doing.

With all of this in mind, go off and browse Pinterest wisely, and hopefully we will save a few of you from drowning in DIY!




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