Three Ingredients for an Awesome Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is here!

Well, almost.  It’s this Sunday, February 2nd and we couldn’t be more excited!  While super bowl parties may be more casual than most parties, they still require some plans and preparation.  Here are the three ingredients to throw an amazing Super Bowl party:


Eating snacks all day instead of a regular meal is a classic part of the Super Bowl experience.  This year don’t just stick to the same old chips and salsa, why not give your guests a whole nacho bar?  A big bowl of chips and a bunch of small bowls with ingredients like melted cheese, salsa, guacamole, onions, and jalapeños will give your guests the ability to customize their own nachos!

For dessert, try this recipe,

Oreo Footballs

Mix the cream cheese and the Oreos together and then shape them into bite size balls.  Chill for about an hour, then dip each into one of the melted chocolates before setting them on wax paper.  If you’re really feeling crafty, you can then take the alternating chocolate color and decorate each one to look like a football!


Now between the football game and the legendary commercials, your guests are sure to be entertained.  But why not kick it up a notch with a game of Super Bowl Commercial Bingo?

Find a free download here:

Make sure you have a couple of prizes for the winners!


Now if you’re a Denver Broncos fan or a Seattle Seahawks fan, you’ve probably got this year’s decorations down!  But what about Super Bowl parties in any of the other 48 states?

Since orange, blue, and green don’t make the prettiest palette, stick to a neutral football theme.

There you go!  The three ingredients for an amazing Super Bowl party: Food, entertainment, and decorations!

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