Helpful Tips for Registering



Today we’re going to talk about a really fun part of being engaged, one of the parts that you and your fiancé probably get equally excited about: registering for gifts!

Everybody loves receiving gifts, but you probably haven’t had the chance to actually handpick the gifts that you get since you wrote your last list to Santa.  So registering for gifts for your wedding should be fun!  Exhilarating! Right?

Well, yes, but as you’ll quickly realize, registering, just like every other aspect of planning a wedding, comes with it’s own unique set of stressors.  You don’t want to appear gift-grabby, but you don’t want to be too cheap either.  Is it ok to register for furniture?  Honeymoon activities?  What if you don’t really want anything, but could definitely use some cash?


The first thing to realize about registering is that you are picking out a list of gifts that you would like to receive.  Every item that you put on it should be something that you actually want to have in your house.  So if the idea of having a complete set of fine china, down to the sugar and creamer, really doesn’t appeal to you, you don’t have to register for it!

With that being said, remember that buying gifts for the bride and groom and having a registry for it originated back when the community was helping a young couple to get started on their own.  Many times the couple was still living with their respective parents and didn’t have any of the household items that they needed to live on their own.  And even though that has changed over the years, the idea that wedding gifts should be household items has not.  Even if you already have most of the basics, look around, maybe you could use a few upgrades!


So how many items should you register for?  The general rule is to register for about 1.5 to 2 times as many items as you have guests.  The idea is to have plenty of items for your guests to choose from.  Don’t try and pick one gift for each person that is invited, since some people will go in on a bigger gift together, some people will buy you multiple items, and many people will not buy you a gift at all.  Realize right now that the chances of you getting everything on your registry are slim to none.

Alright, so what price range should you be registering in?  Aim to hit a broad range of price points.  Something like this should help you to get started:

  • $200-$250: A couple of items
  • $150-$199: 5%
  • $100-$149: 10%
  • $75-$99: 25%
  • $50-$74: 35%
  • $1-49: 25%


There really is no set rule for the prices that are “Ok” to register in so this part is really about knowing your crowd.  Take the example that I gave to you and tweak it so that it works for you.  Just remember to have some items on the higher end so people who may want to spend some more money on you can do so without purchasing multiple items, and have some on the lower end so the people that are really stretching their budget can afford to get you something as well.

Now that you know the basics, here are a couple of helpful tips to send you on your way:

  1. Go ahead and register at a couple of different stores!
  2. Some stores have completion discounts after the wedding if you are buying something off of your registry so check to see what your stores will offer.
  3. Check your registry after pre-wedding events, like a bridal shower, to make sure there are still enough items in each price point.
  4. While websites like sound great in theory, they actually have a few problems.  They take a percentage of your money off of the top, and there really isn’t a polite way to register for cash.  If you would like to receive cash, either have a very small registry, or no registry at all, and people will get the hint.

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