A Unique Venue Space – Kowerk

Kowerk is a truly unique venue space located in West Palm Beach.  It has a lively environment with a modern, colorful style.

Kowerk 1

The space is 4,000 square feet, featuring a reception entrance and an open floor plan.  There are also several smaller spaces, such as an outdoor terrace with seating, a coffee break room, and different conference rooms.

Kowerk 2

The fun elements such as bean bag chairs and telephone booths make every experience dynamic and productive, whether it’s for work or an after-hours event.

Kowerk 3

Kowerk is the perfect space for many different events; including office retreats, bonding exercises, conferences, and more.  It also makes a great venue for a networking event, or party.  Some of the desks can even be rearranged so it’s adaptable for whatever you may need it for!

Kowerk 4

Kowerk is available for rent for $50 per hour.  You can also purchase varying levels of memberships to the space for $295, $200, or $150 per month.  Check out their website here!

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