A Thanksgiving Brunch

Last Saturday we had a brunch, planned for the purpose of bringing family and friends together in a moment of thankfulness.  The morning started out windy and rainy, but by the time the brunch commenced at 11 o’clock the sky had cleared and it was another lovely day!

The brunch took place in the courtyard of the Lake Worth Casino Building with a view of the palm trees and Lake Worth in the distance, and the beach on the other side.  There was a charming color palette of orange, yellow, and purple, with hints of green.

Brunch Picture 1

The food was catered by Too Jay’s Gourmet Deli.  There were bagels, sandwiches, potato salad, cole slaw, fruit salad, muffins and pastries, orange juice, and sparkling apple cider.

Brunch Picture Food 2

The beautiful and delicate flowers were from Heaven and Earth Floral.

Brunch Picture 2

The crisp white tablecloths and bright orange napkins came from our rental supplies, while the tables and chairs were supplied by the Lake Worth Casino Building.  Brunch Picture 4.

Everybody had a great time at the brunch, enjoying the delicious food, the beautiful view, and the lovely flowers while taking turns mentioning the things in their life they are thankful for!

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