Just Engaged? Look here first

So it happened: either you knew it was coming, or you were surprised, but now, you are engaged.

Congratulations!  Welcome to one of the most exciting times of your life!  And one of the craziest.

Suddenly, you feel like you have all of these things you need to do, but you don’t know what they are!  Well let me help you out.  Here are your first 10 to-dos after you get engaged:

1. Get your ring resized

Gold and Diamond Solitaire Ring

If you’re lucky your new ring fits perfectly, but chances are it’s either slipping off or resting comfortably around your pinky – if you can get it on at all!  Don’t take any chances of losing it and get it resized right away.  I know it’s tough to part with your new favorite piece of jewelry for the afternoon, but it’s definitely worth it.

2. Announce your engagement

Make sure you tell your best friends and family first before posting anything on Facebook.  You will soon learn that weddings are one of those things that people get very emotional about, and this is not the time to hurt anybody’s feelings.

3. Work out a budget


 Regardless of where the money is coming from you need to know how much you have to work with before making any wedding decisions.  Your budget will affect everything, from the number of people you can invite, to your venue, your dress, and your food!

4. Start working on your wedding guest list

 Most likely this will change a couple of times before you send out your save the dates, but it’s good to get a rough idea of how many people are coming before you start looking at venues.  Make sure the list is finalized before sending out any save-the-dates, because anyone who gets a save-the-date should also be invited to the wedding.

5. Research Ceremony and Reception Venues


Whether you want to get married outside in a garden or in a beautiful cathedral, it’s important to book early.  Many wedding venues are booked a year in advance!  Use your wedding guest list to figure out how big of a space you need, and then look for venues that fit your criteria and your budget.

6. Pick a date!

 Once you have found the perfect venue, pick a date that they are available.  Make sure you think about the weather, especially for an outdoor wedding, and the season, which can affect the available flowers.

7. Pick your wedding party

These are the people who will be by your side all day celebrating with you!  It’s an honor to be chosen but it’s also a big commitment so make sure you let your wedding party know how much you appreciate them.  If you need some ideas on how to ask –look here!

8. Daydream about your dress

Pensive Bride Holding Her Bouquet

 If you haven’t already started!  It’s a big task but you can begin by narrowing it down to a couple of styles and designers that you love.

9. Make a wedding website

This will help keep all of your guests informed as you make plans about the big day!  It’ll let them know where you have registered, who your wedding party is, the date, the place, and everything else they might need to know.

10. Research your other vendors

Get some idea of what you are looking for by researching florists, photographers, entertainment, and bakers in your area.  Find out their prices and what they offer.  That way when it comes time to make some decisions, you’ll already know what you can afford and what you like.

At this point you are well on your way to walking down the aisle!

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