Wedding videos to make you laugh

Good afternoon to all of my beautiful brides and Happy Thanksgiving!

Today my goal is to make you laugh!

Sometimes we get so caught up in planning the perfect day that we forget to relax and have fun on what will be one of the happiest days of our lives.  I hope that these videos will help to ease some of your stress and to remember that the most important part of the day is that you’re getting married!  It’s a celebration, so above all, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Best Man Blunder

This couple is there for each other through everything, thick, thin, and even when they’re struggling to maintain their composure at the altar!

An Entrance to Remember

The first rule in show business is the show must go on!  These dancers are certainly doing a good job of faking it until they make it.  Oh wait!  They’re not dancers, they’re the wedding party!

Flower Power Girl

One of these little girls is most likely excellent at keeping her room clean.

Following directions on the other hand…

First Dance: Interrupted

While nothing went wrong in this video, this couple’s love for life and enthusiasm are sure to make you giggle and smile!

Well, I hope you are feeling better about any small wedding mishaps that may happen, and I hope I accomplished my goal of making you smile!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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