And a Silver Sixpence in Your Shoe…


It’s a poem you’ve heard before, although probably without the silver sixpence at the end.  And it’s a poem that floats into every bride’s mind at some point during her engagement, these four things that bride’s are supposed to collect and use on their wedding day.

It’s a cute poem, and it translates into some even cuter Pinterest ideas, but where did it originate?  Each of the five lines comes from a different superstition from all over the world and eventually the traditions united to form the entire poem in the UK.  On her wedding day, the bride is supposed to wear all of these things in order to start the marriage off with good luck.

Today the original meanings have lost some of their significance and are open to a lot more interpretation.  Many brides still do wear all of the four somethings, but the sixpence is usually left forgotten.

Blue HeelsThe traditional something blue is a garter, and it signifies love and fidelity.  Many brides today use something blue to incorporate a quick pop of the color into their wedding day and they get really creative with it!  They use blue shoes, blue flowers, blue jewelry, blue cupcakes, and blue nail polish.  Some brides even use blue temporary tattoos!

BorrowedSomething borrowed is often combined with something old.  Together they represent borrowed happiness and continuity.  Lots of brides like the idea of borrowing something from their mother or grandmother, like the jewelry they wore or the handkerchief they carried on their own wedding day.


Something new is by far the easiest thing to come across in your search, because chances are you are not going to be borrowing everything you wear.  You are going to buy a dress, or a veil, or even a wedding band to wear on your wedding day.  Whatever your something new is, it stands for the future life you will have with your husband.

Hardly any of us believe that the Evil Eye will come swooping in on us shall we choose to forgo wearing our four symbols of good luck anymore, so nowadays people choose to incorporate the four somethings into all aspects of their wedding day!  Maybe your something blue can be your escort cards, and your something borrowed can be your parent’s cake cutter.

And who says that you must have four somethings?  Like we did above, many people like to combine their something old and something borrowed, but it’s also possible to get a new blue necklace, or to borrow a friend’s new pair of shoes.  If you really want to get creative, you could even borrow your mother’s old blue handkerchief and say that it is something new to you!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence for your shoe may have started out as a superstition, but today you can use it in any way that you choose.  All that matters is that you have fun with it and let it be something sentimental to you on your wedding day.

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