A Quick Guide to the Five Basic Wedding Gown Silhouettes

A-LineMermaidSheath 1BallgownFit-n-Flare

We get it.  When you first start wedding dress shopping it can be overwhelming.  Suddenly all of these words and terms you’ve never heard before are being thrown around, like illusion boat neck and tea length, and since when are there 50 shades of white?

We’re here to help.  There’s really no need to get stressed over what should be one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding! And once you sort the waves and waves of endless tulle into five simple categories, it’ll be easy.

First of all, figure out your budget.  This is the most important step.  Don’t forget to calculate in your accessories and alterations as well.  Stick to your budget!  Don’t be tempted to try on dresses that you know you can’t afford.  This is a path that will only end in either heartbreak or a broken budget.

Now on to the fun part!  Here is your guide to the five most basic wedding gown silhouettes:



A-Line is the classic wedding dress silhouette.  Universally flattering, this dress is fitted through the waist and gently swoops down to the floor in a figure reminiscent of the letter A.  Hmm, wonder where it got it’s name?



For those who like a little Va-Va-Voom in their dresses, the Mermaid has to be the sexiest silhouette in the wedding gown industry.  This dress is fitted from the top all the way down to your knees so make sure you practice walking and sitting!


Sheath 1

If you’re looking for something, light, airy, and beautifully simple, the Sheath is the style for you.  But it doesn’t have to be plain!  Picture the Sheath covered in crystals, or with some whimsical cap sleeves and delicate beading.


BallgownFitted through the top, the Ballgown explodes in mountains of fluffy white tulle below the waist.  Surely, this is the queen of all dresses!  If you’re looking for a showstopper, this may be the dress for you, just make sure that you’re comfortable carrying this dress’ considerable weight all night.



You may think this silhouette looks similar to the Mermaid, and you would be right!  But while the Mermaid is fitted all the way down to the knees, the Fit-n-Flare drops just below your hips before fanning out.  The Fit-n-Flare is a crossover between the Mermaid and the A-Line, but as one of the most flattering silhouettes it has definitely earned it’s place among the other four.

So those are the five most basic wedding gown silhouettes!  But before you decide that you definitely want the Ballgown, or you definitely want the Mermaid, try on one or two of each style.  This way you can get a feel for how they look on your individual body type.

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