The Secret to Perfectly Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Everyone knows the rule: all bridesmaids must wear the same dress, in the same color.  If they don’t then the whole world will fall apart, or at least your entire wedding, right?


I say rules are meant for breaking.  Especially when the result is this stunning.  We’ve all seen the pictures:  a bride in a vintage dress, surrounded by a slightly eclectic looking group of bridesmaids, each of whom is wearing a different dress in varying shades of peach.  But this is the kind of carefree chic you just know you can’t pull off.

Wrong again!

You CAN pull off this trend, but don’t worry!  If you’re feeling a little nervous here are a couple of ways you can ease into it.

Mismatched Accessories:

Mismatched Accessories

Keeping your bridesmaid dresses in the same color and style but adding mismatched accessories is a fun way to keep the traditional uniformity while inserting a little excitement.

Mismatched Tops:

Mismatched Tops

All of these dresses are the same length, material, and color, but have different styles on top.  If you really want your bridesmaids in the same dress, but they all have different opinions on what looks good on them, this may be the way to go.  Let your best friend who loves to bare her shoulders go strapless while your more modest sister can wear a V-neck and still be comfortable.

Mismatched Styles:

Mismatched Styles

Now we’re starting to get a little more adventurous!  All of these dresses are the same color and similar styles, but are still very clearly different dresses.  Your bridesmaids are still recognizable, just not identical.

Mismatched Colors:

Mismatched Colors

Having your bridesmaids in the same dress but different colors is easy!  Most bridesmaids shops have the same dresses available in numerous colors so you’ll be able to find every color in your palette.   

Now if you’re really feeling daring and you want to give your bridesmaids free rein, keep in mind that the most successful mismatched bridesmaid dresses have at least one or two things in common, whether that is style, length, material, or color.  An alternative is to give them accessories that tie them together as a group, such as the same patterned tights, bright red shoes, or big bold statement necklaces!

 Good luck!

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